Website Search Engine Submission

Website Search Engine submission is the action of submitting your URL to search engines, manually, for faster indexing. By doing so, we let search engines know that new information has been added to your website. After we submit the URL, it may take three to six weeks to get indexed. A page can be resubmitted if you’re not happy with its rank. This action is used for SEO purposes. Search engine submissions are beneficial for website promotion. It is a type of online marketing that helps us as website developers increase the ranking of a site.

There are two main methods of search engine submission: submitting one page at a time through Webmaster tools or by generating a sitemap to submit all pages for consideration at once. We use search engine submissions to improve sites and outperform competitors, as well as to inform various search engine optimization strategies.

Here are a few reasons why website submission is important:
-Peace of mind
-Tell search engines about your site directly
-It’s an easy improvement opportunity

Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search results. Good SEO allows your website to be indexed and found in search engines for the words or phrases that’s relevant to your users when searching for related products or services. Consider SEO a measure of quality control. Search Engines such as Google rank websites organically based on their relevance and quality – the most relative, trustworthy and authoritive websites are ranked highest.

At TheLink Between Careers and Business Solutions we understand that SEO is not a once-off marketing tool, and implementing SEO at the start of your website design process will also not secure a number 1 ranking on Google’s first page. But by partnering with us to provide you with an ongoing and optimized SEO solution, we are confident in our ability to improve your website’s quality traffic and increase your visibility.

TheLink Between Careers and Business Solutions offer holistic SEO solutions which involves many different tactics to drive organic traffic – from link building, keyword optimization, sitemaps, traffic monitoring, content writing to meta data descriptions and technicalities like alt tags, we have an in-house SEO specialist to help you succeed organically. Our SEO Specialists at Thelink Between Careers and Business Solutions are professional and skilled to provide you with ongoing SEO strategies that’ll build your visibility online.