Online Sales Representative

Online Sales Representative

A sales representative is someone who sells products or services to businesses, organizations and Individuals. They work, as a part of a sales team or individually, to persuade them on the benefits of the product, along with answering their clients’ questions based on their pitch, with a firm understanding of economics and business practices. As the front line in customer service, your job is to give a good first impression to potential customers.
Sales agents usually work full-time and are typically considered to be an entry position, working approximately 44 hours per week. Since this position will be online, your hours may be more flexible than a typical sales job. The job outlook for the sales industry looks good, with a low unemployment rate.
So, to summarize, an online sales representative is very similar to a regular sales career, only the former is more likely to work from home and the majority of their online sales are from cold calling, sales processing online, responding to emails, and online messaging. Some duties that a typical sales agent would do may not apply to you as an online sales representative. For example, you’re likely not to travel to different locations for a sales opportunity if you’re working online.


Explaining and demonstrating services to customers
➢ Meeting sales targets
➢ Maintaining client records
➢ Engaging with their client and creating a positive relationship with them
➢ Figuring out what your client wants and tailoring your pitch accordingly
➢ Up-selling and cross-selling with your client
➢ Taking client orders
➢ Scheduling daily customer appointments
➢ Keeping track of online marketing trends
➢ Creating online ads
➢ Negotiate prices and terms with clients
➢ Communicate with departments

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