TheLink Between Careers & Business Solutions Overview


TheLink Between Careers & Business Solutions is a service provider who provides necessary communication services to companies and businesses in South Africa. We offer a large range of services which are brands to ensure we offer a quality selection of services in the ICT industry.

Our Aim

We aim to provide a global communications solution to South African company and business to ensure the best communication solutions for each individual company with the latest technology. Packages can be tailored to suit every individual need and are billed as one solution. We aim to be the only service provider to companies and businesses for their commination requirements.


Our mission is to become the only preferred service provider in the ICT industry, and provide communication to companies and businesses under one single managed account. It is our mission to provide companies and businesses with high-end communication solutions to ensure that every aspect of the individual communication requirements is met with top-notch technology and services.

About Us

TheLink Between Careers & Business Solutions currently operated as Sole Proprietor by Ashley Kubheka who has 10 years IT, Web and Internet support experience and have completed several huge projects in the ICT field of service. Ashley is a self-motivated personality with high end technical knowledge in IT, Networking, Web Development, Tele Communications and Internet. Ashley also boasts desktop support and IT technical skills with years’ experience in Windows.

Ashley created TheLink Between Careers & Business Solutions which is Sole Propriety company, which is functioning as a key factor in ICT, IT, and Web technologies. The company is managed in the personal capacity of Ashley Kubheka and the company is registered as Pty Ltd.

Industry partners are welcome to join us with the aim to build one of the largest companies in the IT & ICT industry to be known to South Africans, with the future in mind to expand to residential and government sectors. Currently TheLink Between Careers & Business Solutions is owned and managed as a “One-Man” operation, however we will expand rapidly in 2018/2019 and are interested in partnership with persons in the same industry with experience alike.

Our Services:

1. Web Hosting- We offer web hosting services.
2. Web design- We offer web design services.
3. Staffing Solutions- We offer staffing solutions to employers.
4. Domain registration- We offer a variety of domain registrations.
5. Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising- We offer Facebook marketing and advertising.
6. VoIP services- We offer Voice over Internet Protocol services such as business landlines.
7. Company registrations business plans and profiles- We offer company registration services.
8. Graphic design services- We offer graphic design services.
9. Smartphones & Prepaid Airtime & Data
10. ADSL & VDSL & Fibre Services

Partnerships and Alliance

We are interested in partnership and alliances with any other companies or businesses who offers business services and or products which can be bundled with our offerings, to provide clients with a global solution and service. We also would like to invite existing companies, service providers and manufacturers to align with us in order to offer your products and services to our clients. Furthermore, we invite individuals who are interested to become a partner in this company to contact us and setup a meeting to discuss a partnership and agreement.

Agents, Re-Sellers and Franchise opportunities

As we wish to expand our solutions, services and products country wide we are seeking Agents, Re-Sellers and in future we will look at franchise opportunities across the country. It is our aim to be established country wide and to be able to service businesses and companies in every town or city in South Africa.

We provide you with the entire infrastructure from landline numbers, telephone lines, switchboard solutions, extensions, internet access, domain registration and web site. You don’t even require a fixed Telkom line at your premises, as all the services we provide is cloud based.

We can have your entire office up and running with internet, telephone service and web site/email within 14 working days. Our business start-up packages are designed so that you may walk in and start doing business from day one.

TheLink Between Careers & Business Solutions is a service driven company with one thing in mind, and this is to provide South African companies & businesses with a flexible communication solution which will handle the entire communication requirement including phone lines up to web site and IT Support, without the need for any 3rd party service provider. We can provide you with the entire setup without the need of any fixed telephone lines install, the services are all internet dependent, which can be rolled out using various services such as 3G, LTE, Satellite and even Wireless Internet WISP (Where available)

I hope that a long term business relationship can be established with you and your company and that we can all benefit from a mutual agreement and business alliance or partnership. Our business ideas are far reached and we wish to grow with every new partnership and alliance we enter into, in order to provide our clients with only the best solutions, services and products. We call upon service providers, companies and individuals to partner with us in order to reach a global solutions system, referral and alliance to provide clients with their needs.

Thank you for your interest in TheLink Between Careers & Business Solutions and possible partnership or alliance with us. We can only say one word and that is “Welcome” We believe through partnership and alliances we can do much better in providing clients with much needed products and services. We are 100% certain that clients will engage business with us through this absolutely unique system of providing service.

Say Hello to Your New Internet Service Provider.

No Contracts No Catch

We don't believe in contracts. You aren't locked in and you can simply cancel anytime before the 23rd of the month. So we'll always be doing our best.

Double-Money-Back Guarantee

Try us out and if you decide to leave us within the first 60 days we'll pay DOUBLE your money back. No risk for you, All the risk for us.

Rock Solid Network

Our servers are located at the state-of-the-art Data Centres. Our DSL Network has fibre backhaul supported by a cable agnostic network with multiple redundancies.

Simply Amazing

For the first time ever, get the best Contract‑Free Data, SMS and Call Rates, all from the same provider, on the same SIM, with TheLink Mobile.

Designed For Today

We designed our packages around how people use their phones in real life day‑to‑day scenarios, which is why our packages come with much more data than our competitors and forego remnants of times passed, like bundled SMSes.

No Contracts No Commitments

We don't believe in trapping people with long‑term commitments. There's nothing worse than having to wait out a contract or paying ridiculous cancellation fees. We operate on a Month‑to‑Month basis.